My Mate's Selling Running Belts on Amazon


What's the betting your New Year's Resolution is to see if those Lycra pants still fit? A pair of Nike running shoes sits in the corners covered in cobwebs. I'm not sure who is the more disappointed - you or the spider. 

Funny how the turning of a year floods the mind with happy ''fitness'' thoughts. The anticipation of those endorphins running through your veins. It's like a biological rollercoaster. 

Without a doubt, we all need to consider our health and fitness. While it's good to clear the mind.

Not a bad idea, hey. 

My mate, Calvin, is a sporty guy. In fact, I first met him while swimming. The swimming pool has turned out to be something like a social club. There's Mark, always chatty and cheerful, Luke, who makes me smile with his stories, Mike, who is now on a three-month walk in New Zealand. While my true inspirations are Ivor and Ruth, a lovely couple who put everyone to shame. Ivor is 92 and swims over 30 lengths five times a week. And there was me - a couch potato - watching Jessie Pavelka on an episode of Obese: A Year to Save My Life. I do love that program: a mix of hope and inspiration. I have made a few good friends, which is great considering I went there to get a little fitter.  

Calvin swims well over a mile an hour, while I'm more leisurely. I see him more as a salmon leaping, while I'm a pilchard perilously close to the tin. I walk three miles to get there and back, so, in my mind, I can take it a touch easier (sadly lacking). 

Anyway, we both work online. Calvin has his own product which he sells on Amazon and detailed on his website Style Review

The Bodbud. 

It's a handy product for those who go to the gym or jog. It's a versatile product. I actually bought one for my girlfriend (love) who lives in West Palm Beach, Florida. See, you never know where your product will end up. 

After Swimming at the George Campbell, March, we go for a drink at Costa. From never going in the place I've become a regular. Sometimes I have a tea, others a large latte, while Calvin is a little more adventurous and yesterday tried a chai latte, which tastes of cinnamon. 

Alongside the beverages, is much chat about business. With regard to the Bodbud, we have chatted long and hard. Selling products isn't easy. But I'm learning about selling via his website, Facebook ads and Amazon. I don't know if you have worked online or tried to sell a product but it's a learning curve. It's hardly surprising because these things take a lot of understanding. You don't just wake up one morning and know how to be an online entrepreneur. 

Calvin is studious in understanding of how the process works. I'm enjoying the conversations because I am learning along the way and look forward to the day he finds the key to selling like Jeff Bezos [owner of Amazon]. 

Well, today we went swimming and afterwards visited Costa for our cup of something (oh yes, two pots of tea). 

Our conversation worked its way to a discussion about a different approach to ad spend which saw more sales. 

All positives. 

I'm living and learning, as always, and intrigued to understand the process of selling products. It's far from an easy understanding. However, with every sale, the seller learns what makes a winning product. 

If you have had any experience of selling products then I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Take a look at the Bodbud at Amazon