Herbalife Blogger Florida: I'm Feeling Fruity

Yes, I'm talking about fruit! 

One thing I love about all of the farmers markets popping up in Florida is the opportunity to try different fruits. It's funny how you don't consider each country has its own distinct produce. My best friend and love lives in the UK and when he was here last month it was funny to hear him say: ''What's that!'' as we walked from isle to isle. 

''It's a yam!'' 

Funny, hey. The first time he saw a mango tree he looked on in awe. I guess Brits are used to apples and pears (their funny rhyming slang for up the stairs...lol). In a time when obesity is a problem we all need to consider what is a healthy option to fast food, sugary drinks and all that stuff (you know) you should eat in moderation. 

There are so many different kinds of fruit – some weird and wonderful.

I must admit, I love strawberries. Yummy! No cream. Just keep them natural, especially if you can pick your own. Well, ideally grown locally, hey. What else do I like: Peaches, passion fruit, kiwi fruit, apples, bananas, grapes... The list goes on. 

Nowadays there is a huge selection including exotic fruits. Here are a few of my favourites. 

Why Eat Fruit & Vegetables? 

You don't need to ask a scientists to know that eating fruits (exotic or not) is good for you. Most fruits are naturally low in fats, sodium and calories. Also, they have no cholesterol. I'm feeling healthier just talking about this! Fruits are an important source of nutrients such as potassium, fiber, vitamin C and folate (folic acid which helps the body build new cells). Eating fruit & vegetables may reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

So what about those exotic fruit! 


These unusual looking fruit are about the size of a walnut hidden in a leathery, spiky red shell. To be honest, you could walk straight past them thinking ''they look a bit strange'' but stop, turn around and give them a try. Did you know fresh lychees grow in Central and Southern America? Guess what, they even grow in Florida. The lychees have a unique taste. Just peel the fruit, squeeze, and reveal the white inner fruitiness. Not only do they have lots of vitamin C, they contain B-complex vitamins, plus potassium and copper. 

Dragon Fruit

This is an exotic-looking fruit if I have ever seen one. Cut one in half and the pink outer flesh and green leaves reveals a white fruit with specs of black. It reminds me of milk infused with a vanilla pod. It's grown locally in Florida, California and Hawaii. It tastes a bit like watermelon, kiwi and pear. A kind of three-in-one fruit if you like! Most people eat it raw and chilled. However, it can be grilled, too. It contains vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and lycopene (a powerful antioxidant). 

Star Fruit

It looks like its shape – a star. The star fruit has an unusual sweet and sour flavour. When ripe, it is a yellow colour with flecks of green down the ribbed shape. It has a complex taste which hints of pineapple, lemon, apple and plum. [I said it was unique]. You can enjoy a slice or eat the whole fruit. It is versatile as it can be stewed, made into a yummy jam or (somehow) even sherbet. Star fruit has powerful antioxidants including vitamin C and B-complex vitamins. 


Another home-grown fruit from Florida and further afield. It resembles a small orange and a very dinky size. Ideal to put one or two in your pocket when exercising. A fruity burst of zestiness (yes, I have a way with words). They have a tangy but sweet taste. Did you know, you can even eat the peel. Lots of fibre in the skin. It has a delightful smell because of the essential oils. Its a great source of vitamin B, oodles of vitamin C. In addition, it has a small amount of calcium. 


To be honest I had never heard of this ''Feijoooa'' or ''surprise surprise'' know how to pronounce it. This green oval-shaped fruit is grown in South America and New Zealand. Whether you will see them for sale in Florida I'm not sure as they don't have a very long shelf live. Even in the fridge they only last a couple of days. However, their yummy flesh is something to savour. 


This is one fruit you may not be too keen to taste. Why? Well, it smells of stinky socks. Some people say it smells of gasoline! Bizarre. Not the most appetizing thought, hey. Hold your nose and drive right in. In addition, its thorny texture makes it difficult to hold. Inside the fruit, contain five pods filled with yellow/red pulp which has a caramel taste or something like crème brulee. It is often used as a popular ingredient for desserts. It has an abundance of vitamin C, the B-complex group, lots of potassium, tryptophan and amino acid.

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