Building a Business - But Putting Family First

It's never easy balancing business and family.

Not enough hours in the day.

You Have Options

Working takes time but being a Herbalife Distributor works because it's flexible hours. It is a good reason to be inspired - working on your terms. 

Follow Your Own Path 

It is almost expected that you work the 9 to 5 but it really doesn't have to be that way. The fear of not following the 9 to 5 tradition. There is no flexibility with the traditional routine that can often feel like a ball and chain around your leg. True, working for yourself can get you out of your comfort zone but it helps motivate and work on your terms. 

Believe In What You Do

It is great to work with new clients and see the benefits they gain from Herbalife products. It doesn't take long for them to see results. Good nutrition, regular exercise and a supportive coach bring so much positivity to your life. It's why I always have a smile on my face. I am happy with my ''work'' and love to help clients transform their lives. Herbalife coaching isn't simply about selling it is having an emotional connection and achieving results.  

Let People Know What You Do

The reason I started this blog, and my new, exciting, website is to tell the world what I do and how much it motivates me. We use social media to get the message out there: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +. It's just the start of a big media presence which is great news. It gives customers the opportunity to ask any questions about coaching, products, exercises whatever you need to know. Feel free to contact me at 

Being Thankful

Life is good. I have a wonderful family and two exceptional children I am so proud. I truly value the lifestyle that Herbalife has allowed me. True, it is hard work, but it allows me to make time for all those special moments with family and friends. It makes me value life and the people I share each day. It is extra special to know that I am helping others transform their lives through good nutrition. 

I am proud of my success.