Herbalife Blogger: Products, Reviews & Successful Weight Loss

Hi Guys,

My first blog post! 


One of many so come back for more.

Now, you may have heard about Herbalife but this blog is going to be about my experience as a fitness coach and independent Herbalife distributor working in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

So what's the blog all about?

Basically, a post-by-post experience of products, successful weight loss stories from clients and all the good stuff in between about achieving the results we know you want. I have worked with hundreds of clients and although I have a step-by-step approach to losing the pounds, experience has told me that everyone has their best way of working. That 's what makes one coach different from the next and why I am very successful at what I do. It's my job and I love it. 

Being a Herbalife Blogger is the best way I can detail why I believe in this product range and why I have used it to keep in great shape. 

Anyway, I will keep this first blog post short and sweet. Basically, it's a quick ''Hello' to introduce myself to all people who drop by for a read. 

I know weight loss, getting fit, having the right mindset can seem like a distant dream or something you put on hold for another week when inside you are just learning to make those changes to be the best version of you. 

Don't just think about tomorrow - because today is waiting for you to make a positive decision. Don't let another month pass you by.

I'm always here to help. 

Thanks for reading.