Become a Herbalife Distributor

Become a Herbalife Distributor
So you want to become a Herbalife distributor?

As the great Brazilian soccer player Pele said: ''Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance,  learning, study sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.''

I have been a Herbalife Distributor for many years in West Palm Beach, Florida. It has been a journey of great ambition, success, living, learning and meeting some great friends and remarkable characters. Some of those people I have met become millionaires and live a celebrity lifestyle. Others are happy to work for a second income or just enjoy keeping fit and healthy with a great range of Herbalife products. 

Becoming a Herbalife Distributor

The best way to become a distributor is to start of as a client. Why? Well, you learn from an expert whose knowledge, insight and dedication will make for a trusting foundation to become the best advocate for Herbalife. You need to understand not only the products but how to get the best out of each clients as they all have their specific wants and needs. It certainly pays to be a people person. 

It is good to enjoy health and fitness - be ambitious because that next client could well be yours. Most distributors start as clients. It is difficult to express the quality of anything without trying it for yourself. 

If you are interested in learning more then you are welcome to contact me or Tel: 561-932-2938 for a no obligation chat. It will help you appreciate the positives and negatives. It isn't easy to get new clients and please remember it isn't a get rich scheme. Sure the top sellers can make a dream living but they got their through hard work. 

Info and benefits:
  • Low start-up fee
  • Purchase products at wholesale price 
  • Second income or full-time business

Success stories:

Ella Skomra:

''I was dissatisfied with my job and I felt I was in a dead end when I found Herbalife 5 years ago. It has totally transformed my life. I love the flexibility and freedom that Herbalife gives me. Above all I love helping others feel fantastic and get the results they have always wanted! It’s so exciting to see people change.''

Casmir Chanda: 

''I joined Herbalife in 2005 part-time, to help my niece and nephew get into private school; they had lost their dad and had minimal reading and numeracy skills. Today I am working hard on my business because I know that I have the potential to create a big enough income to become financially independent. This business is absolutely fantastic and simple to do; with the support and training offered, I think anyone can do it.''

Phillappa Doran:

''I found Herbalife when shopping for my wedding dress in April 2011. At the time I felt run down and the Sales Assistant suggested I visit the local Herbalife Distributor which she herself had been attending. Within weeks I joined the business and started retailing to family and friends.Iit soon 'spiralled' through all the referrals I was getting and I have now opened my own club. Having achieved so much in the last 8 months, I can’t wait for what the future can bring.''

Chris & Carol Hill

''When we discovered Herbalife in 2004, our first goal was to replace Carole's income and work from home. Second was to replace Chris' very good income and get him out of a stressful job. Today we work together full-time with a great team, and we have wonderful clients whose habits we are helping to change for the long-term. Our income exceeds that which we used to earn in the corporate world – and more!''

Read this book: How to Become Rich by Making Others Rich  

What is Aminogen Herbalife?

Now, this might not be a question you have asked before. However, if you are interested in learning about Herbalife products then Aminogen could be one of interest. 

Buy Herbalife: What is Aminogen?

Aminogen is a patented product with a registered name. You may not have heard about it before because it is a new product to the health industry. Aminogen is a new kind of protein-digesting enzyme that is added to whey protein powders and supplements. Basically, it helps aid digestion and eliminates excess bloating which can happen when people drink protein-based shakes. 

If you are on a high protein diet you may benefit from Aminogen. 

The main reasons you need it:
  • Speeds up the process of digestion 
  • Makes digestion a smoother process
  • Increases amino acid intake reducing nitrogen (allows muscle growth)
  • Reduces flatulence which can be a problem with high protein diet
  • Helps digest protein more efficiently
  • Speeds up the recovery of exercise and repairs damaged muscles tissue
  • Builds lean muscle

If you are interested in buying Aminogen from Herbalife or learning how this works with other product regarding weight loss or gain contact me or Tel: 561-932-2938

Herbalife Blogger: Top 10 Protein Shake Flavours to Crave

Top 10 Herbalife Protein Shakes

So what's my favourite Herbalife Protein shake? 

It's on the tip of my tongue! It could be. :-) 

I have lots of clients ask me which is my fave. 

So here is my top 10 protein shake flavours:

1) Dulce de Leche

I love this shake! There, I've said Whether you love it or hate it is a matter of opinion but it's my ''Numero Uno''.  The caramel taste is divine. Just thinking, I want some right now. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. It's a great motivator and reminds me when I first started with Herbalife. They say tastes and smells remind you of times and places. This reminds me of a time when I was super motivated. One sip of this and I'm ready for the hardest workout. Sometimes, I add a banana to this shake to make it even more sumptuous. It's part of the Formula 1 mix Healthy Meal Nutrition. It's my perfect 10. 

2) Pumpkin Spice Roasted Peanuts 

OK, I know that a lot of you are saying: ''What?''. Is that a typo? In fact, some of you are probably shouting: ''Yuck...'' However, I have a thing about this one. I guess I just love the taste of pumpkin pie and roasted peanuts. This is a truly scrumptious combination. If you're not impressed or never tried this because you don't think it's for you. Just give it a go! You might just like it.

3) Orange Cream 

If you are looking for a zesty burst of flavour then you'll enjoy this. It reminds me of an early-morning shake. It's like a citrus bomb. Well, that's how I scribe it.  It certainly sparks me into life. As the song goes: It's fresh (fresh) exciting... (I know that's funny bit so true). 

4) Banana Caramel 

Wait a minute, should I have banana or caramel? Keep it simple - I'll have both. Comprende. So this is favourite number four. Better than half way so pretty good to keep me wanting more. I'm not talking Dulce de Leche but hey ho you can't have it all when you're talking top 10s (lol). 

5) Cookies And Cream

What do we have here? I know what you're thinking: Mmmmmmmmmmmm Cookies & Cream that sound good. It does, doesn't it! You know if I asked a million Herbalife clients which protein shake is their favourite (lots of running around which is good for burning calories) the majority would pick this as their top choice. I guess people just love cookies and cream and this is like the healthy version to keep to moving in the right direction rather than fearing those weighing scales. So my 5th best could well be your bestie (if a shake could be like a friend). Make sure you try this sooner than later because I just know you will have a cheeky smile on your face.   

6) French Vanilla

Oooh la la. See, you never knew I was fluent in French. I am when it comes to French Vanilla. You know sometimes you want a shake that isn't all singing and dancing. We are talking line dancing rather than the Mazurka. This goes down a treat after a long walk. 

7) Pina Colada

When it comes to exotic flavours Herbalife protein shakes are akin to going to fancy cocktail party, walking to the bar like a catwalk model, smile, run your fingers through your hair and say: ''Pina Colada, please.'' There is no lack of yumminess with this flavour.  A taste of paradise where coconut and pineapple do the light fantastic. I'm not saying I want to be propping up the bar with my shake 24/7 but this makes a refreshing change. Cheers!

8) Cafe Latte

If you love a latte you will be asking for Cafe Latte. I'm not the biggest coffee drinker so that's why I'm talking number eight rather than top three. However, if you love the smell of roasted coffee beans with visions of a frappacino this is your lucky day. A couple of scoops of this, water, ice and a quick blast with the Magic Bullet and I could be sitting at La Casa Del Caffe Tazza D'oro. Basically, somewhere you look and feel a million dollars.

9) Wild Berry 

What comes to mind when you think Wild Berry? Well, berries, of A mix of summer fruits for a taste that not only refreshes but makes you glow with vitamin C and ready to roll. I love this fruity number 9. 

10) Dutch Chocolate 

Who doesn't love chocolate? To be honest, I am one of these people who don't have anything chocolatty (is that a word) for ages and then BANG I rush to the cupboard in search of this Dutch Chocolate mix. It might be number ten on my list but like all flavours it could be your number 1, 6, 4 or

If you are interested in losing a few extra pounds, then you are welcome to email me or call me on WhatsApp 561 - 932 - 2938. My step-by-step plan works for all body types.  

I'm so excited!!!!! Yay. Look at my brand spanking new website: 


Giving Blood in Florida: The Benefits of Giving Blood

Giving Blood in Florida
I can't say I have ever given blood. Thinking about it, I really don't know why because it is vital for life. Did you know that 1 in 7 hospital patients need blood? However, less than 10% of the population who can give blood do!

Giving blood - is an act of giving life. 

The United States has a big population and consumption of blood that boggles the mind. Over 15 million pints of blood are needed every year for transfusions. 

As yet, medical research hasn't found the answer to making blood artificially and for that reason it is scarce. 

Whether your blood type is A, B or O every drop can make the difference between life and death.  

Did you know that back in 2006 Herbalife helped promote the American Red Cross asking distributors, staff, friends of friends and just about everyone to support blood donation through their local communities? 

In fact, Herbalife Nutrition donated nearly 850,000 protein bars to 120 Red Cross Blood donation centres across the U.S.   

My facts of the day: 

  • Did you know that each pint of blood contains 30 to 40 grams of protein? (No wonder everyone needed a protein bar after giving blood.) 
  • 1 pint of blood can save up to three people. 
  • Less than 10% of those eligible to give blood do.

The benefits of giving blood.

  • Improves heart health
  • Enhances the production of new blood cells 
  • Burns calories
  • Reduces cancer risk
  • Free health screening
  • Saves Lives
  • Brings joy to many

For more information about getting fit, losing weight or coaching tips contact or Tel: 561 - 932 - 2938 (WhatsApp)

The Benefits of Group Exercise

The Benefits of Group Exercise
Let's face it, exercise is good. Walking, running, working out is all very positive for weight loss, fitness and well being. 

Have you ever considered the benefits of group exercise?  

Well, it has benefits over doing your own thing. Research published in the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care found that people are more likely to stick to their fitness goals if they work out in groups. 

The study was undertaken by Anglia Ruskin University regarding 18 healthy adults walking in groups compared to others who walk alone or simply don't walk at all. Those who took part in group exercise continued over six months. 

Did you know that the World Health Organisation recommends that adults undertake at least 150 minutes of exercise a week? I'm sure you know plenty of people who walk less. In fact, many people seem to walk less than a few minutes a day. What is that doing to their health? 

Walking in a group is great exercise.
  • It's safe. 
  • Free.
  • Accessible to communities far and wide.
Professor Catherine Meads of Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge detailed the benefits: 

''Walking in groups is safe, inexpensive and can be delivered easily and successfully in the community.'' 

I'm sure there are great locations you can explore in your community or surroundings. Get a group of new or old friends and climb the highest hill in your area and have a picnic at the top. Enjoy the fresh air, wildlife and company of others are great for relaxing body and mind. 

Want to take it a step further. Why not combine walking with camping? It's a great way to challenge yourself and re-live those childhood days. 

One of the main reasons people give up exercise is that it gets boring. We've all been there and the same old routine zaps your energy even before you start. You look outside and the weather doesn't look too rosy and that's enough to turn into a couch potato. 

That's why you need to be mindful. As soon as you start to feel bored with your routine - change it!

It is much better to take bite-size chunks of exercise than kill yourself with an endurance test. Make a swimming membership monthly rather than annual. Something as simple as walking clockwise and anti-clockwise can make a journey seems completely different. 

Take a yoga class for a change. Many give a free lesson to see if it is your thing. Zero cost. Meet new people. It might be so inspiring you just have to take more classes. 

Keep changing your options and you will never get stuck in a rut. 

If you are interested in learning more about weight loss, health and fitness then you are welcome to contact me or give me a call via WhatsApp 561 - 932 - 2938 [West Palm Beach, Florida]

Herbalife Blogger | Florida

Herbalife Blogger - Marlene Rice, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Hi Guys, 

I know from personal experience, losing weight can seem impossible. However, my step-by-step plan has seen clients achieve their weight loss goals and feel motivated. Picture your ideal self. Join me today - make it a reality. 

I've been a Herbalife Distributor in West Palm Beach, Florida for many years and my plan works for all body types. 

For an informal chat, without obligation, let's start today. 

Call Marlene: 561 - 932 - 2938

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Marlene xoxo
Herbalife Entrepreneur, West Palm Beach, Florida, US  


Herbalife Blogger: Products, Reviews & Successful Weight Loss

Getting Fit with Herbalife
Hi Guys,

My first blog post! 


One of many so come back for more.

Now, you may have heard about Herbalife but this blog is going to be about my experience as a fitness coach and independent Herbalife distributor working in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

So what's the blog all about?

Basically, a post-by-post experience of products, successful weight loss stories from clients and all the good stuff in between about achieving the results we know you want. I have worked with hundreds of clients and although I have a step-by-step approach to losing the pounds, experience has told me that everyone has their best way of working. That 's what makes one coach different from the next and why I am very successful at what I do. It's my job and I love it. 

Being a Herbalife Blogger is the best way I can detail why I believe in this product range and why I have used it to keep in great shape. 

Anyway, I will keep this first blog post short and sweet. Basically, it's a quick ''Hello' to introduce myself to all people who drop by for a read. 

I know weight loss, getting fit, having the right mindset can seem like a distant dream or something you put on hold for another week when inside you are just learning to make those changes to be the best version of you. 

Don't just think about tomorrow - because today is waiting for you to make a positive decision. Don't let another month pass you by.

I'm always here to help. 

Thanks for reading.