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Hi Guys, 

Welcome to my very own Herbalife Blog. 

My name is Marlene Rice and I'm an independent Herbalife Distributor for West Palm Beach, Florida. If you are interested in losing weight, health, fitness or coaching to help you achieve your personal goals then my step-by-step approach could be the answer for you. 

I've always worked within the health industry and helped both men and women achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.

Herbalife has a great product range from protein shakes to vitamins there is literally something for everyone whatever body shape. 

Did you know that Herbalife was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes and employs over 8000 people from around the world.  Net sales in 2016 - $4.4 billion. 

The company operates in 95 countries with over 3 million independent distributors. If you would like to learn more about trying these products or becoming an independent distributor you are welcome to contact me for help and advice.

E-mail: Marlene@palmbeachcoach.com  

For a quick chat, give me a call and I will explain how the diet plan works - no calorie counting - and feel free to ask any questions. 

Tel: 561 - 932 - 2938

The Humble begins of Herbalife

The founder of Herbalife, Mark Hughes, started his business the hard way by not only making his weight management product but sold it from the trunk of his car. Hughes' interest in the product stemmed from the wish to help his mother, Joanne, lose weight. He blamed her premature death attributing it to an eating disorder and unhealthy  approach to weight loss. 

That day he started a campaign: ''To change the nutrition habits of the world.''

Disclaimer “All weight loss and weight gain claims refer to the Herbalife Weight Management Programme which includes, amongst other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake and appropriate rest, individual results will vary” These materials are prepared by Herbalife Independent Distributor, Herbal Energy.

Work with me and my team to achieve your weight loss goals today.

Herbalife Blogger: Herbalife Daily Meal Plan

Herbalife Blogger: Herbalife Daily Meal Plan
So how does the Herbalife Meal Plan work?

It's so simple. 

So what is a typical day!

Ask me about the weight loss quick start extra plan which includes all you need to lose weight in the next 4 weeks. 

In addition, you receive my expert advice which is personalised to your individual needs. This includes how much protein to add to your Herbalife protein shakes. Plus, all the motivation you will eve need from your Palm Beach Coach (me!).

How Does the Herbalife Diet Work?    

The daily meal plan consists of 3 elements.

1) Eat your main meal as normal (easy!)

That's right. Enjoy your main meal with family or friends. 

2) Supplements

It is recommended that you add Herbalife supplements 3 times a day to your meals which helps your general health & speeds up metabolism. 

I suggest Formula 2 multivitamins, Green Tea (Thermo Beverage), if doing exercise then you should take H3O Isotonic Drink 

Herbalife Protein Shake Recipe

3) Replace Two Meal With Herbalife Shakes 

The best meals to replace are breakfast and lunch (but it's your call). Simply replace 2 meals with a Herbalife Protein Shake. They come in a range of flavours, which taste delicious. Read this article: My Favourite Top 10 Shake Flavours

It's very simple - just unpack the box and follow the instruction and you're on the road to weight loss. 

Starting Your Daily Plan:

1) A Formula 1 Shake  

Start the day with a delicious shake 

Simply blend 2 tablespoons of Formula 1 drink (adding protein powder). You may mix it will water (ice), skimmed milk, soy milk or fruit juice.

2) Formula 2 Tablets 

Take multivitamins or mineral tablets to boost your health and metabolism.

Why Start Breakfast with a Herbalife Protein Shake?

Because Herbalife nutrition shakes combine complex carbohydrates and lean protein means you don't feel hungry or the need to snack.

The science part: Did you know that eating refined sugar like rice, pasta, fruit juice, white potatoes etc stop hunger pangs for as little as 10 minutes. While fruit, vegetables, and whole grains last up to 1 hour. Eating chicken, fish and egg white helps control hunger for 2 - 3 hours. 

What about Herbalife protein shakes? ''They help control hunger pangs for 3+ hours.''

Lunch Time: ''Shake Time''

1) Formula 1 Shake  

Make another yummy shake. There are lots of flavours and you can even add a banana to it too if you wish. 

2) Formula 2 Tablets

Take 1 of your multivitamins and mineral tablets. This will help boost your energy levels and improve metabolism which helps you burn calories faster. 

Herbalife Protein Bars

Snacks You Can Eat Between Meals

Yes, you can snack it's ok.  

By taking your Herbalife protein shakes you shouldn't feel any hunger pangs for 3+ hours. However, if you have got into the habit of snacking then we have the answer. A range of snacks which help. These low glycemic index products should help prevent you from feeling hungry. 

Add a box of Protein Bars to your plan. (Click to see them here

They come in three scrumptious flavours: Vanilla almond, chocolate peanut & citrus lemon.

Finish The Day With Your Main Meal 

Simply eat your normal family meal without counting calories. That's the beauty of Herbalife that you don't need to even think you are on a diet. You simply have your 2 shakes, vitamins, minerals, and bars if you so wish... 

See the difference in 4 weeks. 

If you want to lose weight then contact me Marlene@palmbeachcoach.com or simply give me a call 561 - 932 - 2938 and let's get you started today. I live in West Palm Beach, Florida and a independent Distributor. I help clients in the USA and across the globe. 

Disclaimer “All weight loss and weight gain claims refer to the Herbalife Weight Management Programme which includes, amongst other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake and appropriate rest, individual results will vary” These materials are prepared by Herbalife Independent Distributor, Herbal Energy.

Herbalife Blogger: No Calorie Counting With Herbalife's Diet Plan

Herbalife Blogger: No Hunger Pangs Here
The Herbalife diet is very simple to follow. 

It is based on 30 years of success. 

It helps you tackle 4 common obstacles to weight loss:

Have you tried to diet, and found you suffered these problems?

1) The loss of good nutrition
2) Loss of energy
3) Lower metabolism 
4) Cravings for snacks

So many modern diets are designed to cut back calories but ignore long term health. What about vitamins, minerals, all the nutrients...

Herbalife is different because it actually feeds your body correctly. 

You don't feel hungry and your body isn't starved. 

Did you know that most people are overweight because of nutritional deficiencies?  That's why you may crave sugar and fatty food. 

Most diets leave you with hunger pangs which leads to dieters cheating or giving up because it becomes too difficult. 

Herbalife protein shakes, vitamins, boosters and snacks help you lose weight by keeping your body healthy and avoiding the hunger pangs which often prove so destructive to your good intentions. 

This means Herbalife helps you achieve your goals. 

How Can I Boost My Energy Level On A Diet?

So often dieters opt for sugary snacks such as chocolate, biscuits or crisps. These hinder the fat burning process which, in turn, decreases energy levels so you just don't feel yourself. 

In effect, your body is continuously searching for similar snacks to keep your energy levels high. 

Herbalife products are designed to offer long lasting energy so your feel great in your own body and not hungering for snacks. 

The Speed You Burn Calories

This has a lot to do with your metabolism. Basically, the higher your metabolism the faster your lose weight. Herbalife products help improve your metabolism so you burn calories efficiently. They help your body and muscles work to their best. 

The Dieter's Ruin: Craving Snacks

I am sure we can all associate with the craving for snacks when dieting. In fact, as soon as you start to diet all those things you shouldn't eat seem all the more tempting. However, snacking is the biggest downfall. It doesn't take much to ruin all your hard work. When you consider the calories in one chocolate biscuit it speaks for itself. 

Herbalife products contain higher protein which stops you feeling hungry. Also, a low glycemic index takes away the sugar rush feeling and helps you stop snacking.

Herbalife products achieve what is known as Cellular Nutrition. This is different to nutritional supplements you may take. Consuming food and adding supplements doesn't always get fully digested by the body. 

Cellular Nutrition makes use of 6000 years of botanical history combining herbs with the latest technology by cleansing and detoxifying cells so they work efficiently and can be fully nourished. Healthy, nourished, cells grow, repair, and perform as the body intended. This means we feel better and look better. Basically, you lose weight in a healthy way.

The Herbalife Diet is as simple as  1,2,3...

1) Eat your main meal as normal

2) Take 2 Herbalife Protein Shakes per day - simply replacing two meals a day. 

3) 3 Times a day - take the natural herbal based supplements to boost your general health. 

To lose weight the healthy way contact Marlene@palmbeachcoach.com or tel: 561 - 932 - 2938 (West Palm Beach, Florida)


Herbalife Blogger: How Does a Herbalife Diet Actually Work?

Palm Beach Coach
I know what you are thinking: How does a Herbalife diet actually work? 

There are 3 key elements:

1) The Herbalife meal replacement shakes
2) Extra protein 
3) Snacks, boosters and vitamins

What about the shakes...

It's very simple. 

1) Replace two meals with Herbalife shakes (there are lots of yummy flavours)
2) Drink plenty of water throughout the day
3) Eat your main meal as normal

See, said it was simple. 

The shakes work so well because they are calorie controlled, easy to prepare and taste great. 

The shakes contain complex carbohydrates with lean protein and nutrients your body needs. 

Did you know there are 3 Herbalife shakes?

Formula 1 - (most popular shakes)
Free From Shake - (gluten, dairy and soy free)
Formula 1 Sport - (Ideal before exercise or sport) 

The Formula 1 shake is the most popular, but all three taste great. They take seconds to blend. I use water with mine (and ice), but you can use milk, soy milk or juice.


Add Protein

This helps prevent hunger between meals, building muscle and general health. 

There are 2 ways to add protein to your shake:

Protein Powder - Simply add to your shake

Protein Drink Mix - Ideal if blending with water 


You may wish to have snacks, a booster or vitamins. 

Protein snacks - such as bars, beans and soup are designed to go with your diet 

Boosters - Help boost your energy levels and help metabolism

Extra vitamins - Our range of vitamins are exceptionally popular. They keep you healthy. 

How does a Herbalife diet work?

Interested? Contact Marlene@palmbeachcoach.com for all the information you need to get started. 

She will give you 1 to 1 advice to get the best results

Try the 3 day trial pack -  it gives you a chance to see how the plan works 

Perhaps you just want to start right now - Our online shop has all the products you need. Simply sign up and order. See Herbalife's Products & Plans A regular exercise plan is helpful in losing weight and for general well being.

Call Marlene for more advice. Tel (USA) 561- 932 -2938

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Herbalife Blogger: Branding Your Herbalife Business

Herbalife Blogger - Florida
Juggling work commitments and building my Herbalife business can be a challenge. However, the flexibility of being a Herbalife Distributor for West Palm Beach, Florida, has given me so many opportunities you wouldn't believe. I've met people who have literally changed my life, prospects and helped me reach many of my ambitions. 

A Game Changer

I know a lot of Herbalife Distributors and it is brilliant to work in an industry which is transforming others lives through healthy nutrition. The tools I have learned from Herbalife make me appreciate this business. The company's focus on nutrition and fitness. The stories of personal development and transformation made me realise how important this knowledge is for my clients. 

I have created a brand with Palm Beach Coach through a lot of hard work. 

Let the World Know Who You Are

Networking has been crucial to my business. I am a natural communicator and love learning about others. It is so important to be part of the community. Without question, discipline has been the key aspect of my success. Attending fitness or wellness networking events is a great way to find new clients. The more people recognise you the easier it is to make contacts. My specific interest is wellness and empowerment. How can I inspire someone to be fit, healthy and happier.


For anyone starting their own business I would say follow your heart, take calculated risks but mostly have fun. It is so important to enjoy what you are doing and it really shines brightly. Believe in yourself- be unstoppable.

Building a Business - But Putting Family First

It's never easy balancing business and family.

Not enough hours in the day.

You Have Options

Working takes time but being a Herbalife Distributor works because it's flexible hours. It is a good reason to be inspired - working on your terms. 

Follow Your Own Path 

It is almost expected that you work the 9 to 5 but it really doesn't have to be that way. The fear of not following the 9 to 5 tradition. There is no flexibility with the traditional routine that can often feel like a ball and chain around your leg. True, working for yourself can get you out of your comfort zone but it helps motivate and work on your terms. 

Believe In What You do

It is great to work with new clients and see the benefits they gain from Herbalife products. It doesn't take long for them to see results. Good nutrition, regular exercise and a supportive coach bring so much positivity to your life. It's why I always have a smile on my face. I am happy with my ''work'' and love to help clients transform their life. Herbalife coaching isn't simply about selling it is having an emotional connection and achieving results.  

Let People Know What You Do

The reason I started this blog, and my new, exciting, website www.palmbeachcoach.com is to tell the world what I do and how much it motivates me. We use social media to get the message out there: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +. It's just the start of a big media presence which is great news. It gives customers the opportunity to ask any questions about coaching, products, exercise whatever you need to know. Feel free to contact me at Marlene@palmbeachcoach.com 

Being Thankful

Life is good. I have a wonderful family and two exceptional children I am so proud. I truly value the lifestyle that Herbalife has allowed me. True, it is hard work, but it allows me to make time for all those special moments with family and friends. It makes me value life and the people who I share each day. It is extra special to know that I am helping others transform their lives through good nutrition. 

I am proud of my success. 

Become a Herbalife Distributor

Become a Herbalife Distributor
So you want to become a Herbalife distributor?

As the great Brazilian soccer player Pele said: ''Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance,  learning, study sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.''

I have been a Herbalife Distributor for many years in West Palm Beach, Florida. It has been a journey of great ambition, success, living, learning and meeting some great friends and remarkable characters. Some of those people I have met become millionaires and live a celebrity lifestyle. Others are happy to work for a second income or just enjoy keeping fit and healthy with a great range of Herbalife products. 

Becoming a Herbalife Distributor

The best way to become a distributor is to start of as a client. Why? Well, you learn from an expert whose knowledge, insight and dedication will make for a trusting foundation to become the best advocate for Herbalife. You need to understand not only the products but how to get the best out of each clients as they all have their specific wants and needs. It certainly pays to be a people person. 

It is good to enjoy health and fitness - be ambitious because that next client could well be yours. Most distributors start as clients. It is difficult to express the quality of anything without trying it for yourself. 

If you are interested in learning more then you are welcome to contact me Marlene@palmbeachcoach.com or Tel: 561-932-2938 for a no obligation chat. It will help you appreciate the positives and negatives. It isn't easy to get new clients and please remember it isn't a get rich scheme. Sure the top sellers can make a dream living but they got their through hard work. 

Info and benefits:
  • Low start-up fee
  • Purchase products at wholesale price 
  • Second income or full-time business

Success stories:

Ella Skomra:

''I was dissatisfied with my job and I felt I was in a dead end when I found Herbalife 5 years ago. It has totally transformed my life. I love the flexibility and freedom that Herbalife gives me. Above all I love helping others feel fantastic and get the results they have always wanted! It’s so exciting to see people change.''

Casmir Chanda: 

''I joined Herbalife in 2005 part-time, to help my niece and nephew get into private school; they had lost their dad and had minimal reading and numeracy skills. Today I am working hard on my business because I know that I have the potential to create a big enough income to become financially independent. This business is absolutely fantastic and simple to do; with the support and training offered, I think anyone can do it.''

Phillappa Doran:

''I found Herbalife when shopping for my wedding dress in April 2011. At the time I felt run down and the Sales Assistant suggested I visit the local Herbalife Distributor which she herself had been attending. Within weeks I joined the business and started retailing to family and friends.Iit soon 'spiralled' through all the referrals I was getting and I have now opened my own club. Having achieved so much in the last 8 months, I can’t wait for what the future can bring.''

Chris & Carol Hill

''When we discovered Herbalife in 2004, our first goal was to replace Carole's income and work from home. Second was to replace Chris' very good income and get him out of a stressful job. Today we work together full-time with a great team, and we have wonderful clients whose habits we are helping to change for the long-term. Our income exceeds that which we used to earn in the corporate world – and more!''

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